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English Woman, this is just for you!
Tired of spending sad, lonely, loveless midsummers every other year?
Does your lover fail to acknowledge your very existence in even-numbered years?
Does your husband/boyfriend prefer the company of other males? Is he totally glued to the telly, or else drunk out of his skull? Has the passion and romance in your life died out? Are "Eeeengeeeerlund" and "´Ere we go, ´ere we go, ´ere we go" the only "romantic words" you hear on those lonely summer nights? Does this movie make you cry?

Then Ricardo is for you.

Ricardo is a portuguese shock treatment that re-ignites the passion in your marriage or relationship. Well known and with effectiveness proven both in England and other countries*, Ricardo assures 2-years worth of attention and love from your significant other.

Ricardo is not totally painless to your lover, but you will find it will be worth your while. Ricardo consists of having your husband or boyfriend suffer through 2 hours of thrill-packed action, then finalizing with a somewhat rough, heart-breaking, yet healing hand treatment.

After one night of heavy drinking, you will find that your man will be very sad, weak, and will rely on you to confort him. Two years of bliss and passion ensue.

Ricardo - helping English couples since 2004

* Ricardo does not work on greek couples. We are sorry. Yes, we still are!:(


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