terça-feira, junho 20, 2006

Tentem lá encontrar este quiz no blogthings!:)

You´re 100% Idiot!

You really believe that answering 5 or 6 very vague, very generalistic and very LAME computer-generated multiple-choice questions will actually create an accurate and personal psychological profile of yourself complete with all your accomplishments to date, your hopes, dreams and fears.

You somehow believe that this profile applies to you and you only, and not to several other million people worldwide who also took the quiz!

Somehow, in your stupid mind, you also think that the aforementioned personality analysis is enough to tell you irrelevant, absurd information like what colour should the tie you wear at your worst enemy´s funeral be, what would Adolph Hitler give you as a birthday present, or what Fairytale character should you be fucking!

Again, you think this information is confidential, and personal.

You also think that typing your name is a neat - and sure - way to know your Italian name, your Japanese name, your pimp name or whatever!

You also think that sharing this information in your blog so your "friends" will take the quiz is a real neat
thing, that shows everyone how cool and hip you are. You don´t think - not even for a second - that doing this proves you have no life and no creativity whatsoever!

How idiot are you?


Blogger Inês Ramos tornou público que...

Caso não saibas, essa imagem do homem crucificado com a guitarra no peito e as orelhas de Mickey é uma alusão directa ao grande Marilyn Manson. E eu considero-o tudo menos um «idiot». Devias tirar essa imagem daí. :)

12:04 da tarde  
Blogger Sergy tornou público que...

Não, não sabia. E longe de mim considerar o grande MM um idiota, tb!
Lógico que não é essa a intenção do post, só achei a imagem gira...

12:16 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo tornou público que...

Eu acho esses testes muito à frente. "Se fosses um camião que tipo de animais atropelarias ?". São coisas úteis que fazem de nós melhores pessoas.

2:14 da tarde  

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