terça-feira, novembro 22, 2005

É que não há mesmo volta a dar-lhe...

The Land of Darkness
The Land of Darkness is your dreary home. Your life
is bleak and sinister. You are prone to
depression. You feel anger at the world and you
feel like the victim. Everyone is out to get
you. You have no problem showing your emotions,
and you probably show them in a destructive
way. You might have no objections to causing
other people pain as you put yourself through
pain. You probably cut or mutilate your body.
However, deep down you are lost and crying out
for help. You are a small weeping child with
the hard exterior of a person who has been
through extreme sorrow in their life.

What is the mystical land of your birth? {13 results with gorgeous anime pics}
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Anonymous Milocas tornou público que...

Ok... again: «The Land of Enjoyment and Magic

You are a gypsy in the Land of Enjoyment and Magic. You care about nothing but having fun. You are supernatural and a dreamer. You are slightly ditsy, but people still feel drawn to your aura of lightheartedness. You are not afraid to experiment with new things and to hell with the consequences as long as you have fun.» conclusão: LOLOLOL :))

8:08 da tarde  
Anonymous CASTOR tornou público que...

Cá para mim, isto não passa de uma ode ao suicídio fingido... cortar e mutilar o corpo... só para inglês ver... porque senão... rasgão na carótida e prontos... já está!!!ehe,ehe,ehe... Mais vale ir à consulta do Divino Mestre Alector e mailos búzios, os burriés, o pó do cemitério do Guardão e as benzeduras do Padre Chorra...

1:25 da manhã  
Blogger Tere tornou público que...

The Land of the Marine

You are a swimmer in the Land of the Marine. You
are carefree and playful just like your best
friend the dolphin. When you are in the water
you are happiest you could ever be. However,
just like the waters you love so much you have
a darker side. You can become very destructive
and torrent like.

12:08 da tarde  

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