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The Hitchhiker´s Guide to Basin City

Finalmente voltei ao trabalho. Em boa hora, pois a verdade é que o ócio já me estava a deturpar o cérebro. De tal maneira, que durante as férias, passou-me uma idéia assaz insana pela caixa craniana.
E se o comic e filme de culto Sin City, tivesse como protagonista não Marv, o rude lutador de rua que não olha a meios para vingar Goldie

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mas sim outro "Marv", nomeadamente Marvin, o robot maniaco-depressivo dos livros/filme de culto The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy? Provavelmente iriamos ter Frank Miller a escrever assim...

Marvin : "It´s a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town...just my rotten luck to be in such a lousy room in such a lousy part of such a lousy town. I am staring at a goddess. She´s telling me she wants me...but why? Why me? I´m just a robot, for crying out loud...in fact I am depressing, short, and have a huge round head...heck, i am like a robotic Charlie Brown...why would she want me? I know...with my rotten luck, she might be a man after all...that´s it, she´ll undress and she will have this dong hanging there...or maybe she has AIDS, or some other social disease. Of course, being a robot I shouldn´t even worry about social diseases, but better to be safe than sorry...I shouldn´t be here...being made of metal I shouldn´t have any "stifness" problems, but what if I do? What if I am to quick for her? Oh God, that would be so akward and embarrassing..."

Lucille : "Settle down, Marvin, take another pill"

Marvin : "There´s no settling down. It´s going to be blood for blood and by the gallons! It´s the old days, the bad days...oh, why do I even bother? Just mark my words...this will end up in tears!"

Marvin : "Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything...nothing good or pleasant, though."

Marvin : "I love hitmen. No matter what you do to them you don´t feel bad...ooh, who am I kidding? I Will feel bad, no matter what..."

Marvin : "Now there´s one fine coat you´re wearing there...No matter what, I can never seem to find nice clothes to wear...oooh, I am such a pathetic loser..."

Priest : "...ask yourself if that corpse of a slut is worth dying for!"

Marvin : "Worth dying for, worth killing for, worth...oh, why do I even bother? Look, you´re missing the point altogether here...we shouldn´t wonder...is that worth dying for? But rather is that worth living for? Coming to think of it, is ANYTHING worth living for? I think not...oh damn, you´re not even listening are you? You´re just pretending to be dead from all those shots I took at you...that´s ok...I am leaving...I can take a hint, padre! Amen!"

Marvin : "I don´t want a fight, pooch! look here, I don´t even have a gripe with you...can´t you just leave me alone? Everyone else does!"

Lucille : "He made me watch. Son of a bitch, kept smiling that damn smile and made me watch him suck the meat of my finger. Son of a bitch!He made me watch! He made me WAAAATTCH." Marvin : Lucille, I told you, this would end up in tears! I hate to say "I told you so", but...I told you so.

Marvin : "See you later, Kevin! Whether I want it or not..."

Wendy : "Kill him for me, Marvin! Kill him good."
Marvin : "Don´t get your hopes too high, Goldie! I will end up disappointing you...I am such a sad, pathetic loser I always disappoint people.

Marvin : "He doesn´t scream. Not even at the end...not even when the mutt´s had his fill and Kevin´s guts are lying all over the place and somehow the bastard is still alive, still staring at me. Not even when I grab the saw and finish the job! HE NEVER SCREAMS! Why can I never seem to get a joy in life?"

Cardinal Roark : "Will that give you satisfaction, my son? Killing a helplessold man?"
Marvin : "The killing no, no satisfaction. But everything up untill the killing at least will make my day a little less boring."

Marvin : "Then along comes this wormy assistant district attorney who turns the recorder off and says if I don´t sign their confession, they´ll kill my mom! Sure, being a robot I have no mom, but I decided..."What the Hell." Because I am such a clumsy fellow, I break his arms in three places before I sign the confession."

Marvin : "They shave my head and fix me with a rubber diaper and get to it!
Hoorray! It was about time someone putted me out of my misery..weeee!
Oh damn my rotten luck..a blackout! I expected that much...sigh..."


Blogger No Pants Jimmy Jamma tornou público que...

Eu pagava para ver isto. Não muito, claro, mas pagava...

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Anonymous CASTOR tornou público que...

Com que então começar a trabalhar, hein? É por isso que eu não tenho férias. Para não me custar tanto voltar ao trabalho. Não vi o filme portanto sem comentários (por agora). Abraço.

1:22 da manhã  

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