domingo, fevereiro 27, 2005

Tou ougado por ver isto!!!

"Chewing gum is most gross!
Chewing gum I hate the most!"

Qual é o filme de Tim Burton com Johnny Depp que vai estrear brevemente e que tem esta fabulosa Dr Seuss-like nursery rhyme, qual é?


Anonymous Anónimo tornou público que...

Willy Wonka!!! Huh... Nop.
That's the 1971 version with Gene Wilder... This year, 2005 it's Johnny Depp and the title is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"...

Polly - The You Know... Went to meet her maker... Parrot

6:26 da manhã  
Blogger Sergy tornou público que...

Jolly good!
You´ve hitten jackpot!
Congratulations, miss!
Please pass by the reception to claim your prize, the machine that goes : "Ping!"

2:11 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo tornou público que...

Oh, that's the most expensive machine in the whole Hospital.

"-What am I supposed to do?
- Nothing you're not qualified."


8:05 da tarde  

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