domingo, fevereiro 20, 2005

A dreadful night

The story thus far....

He was but a mere fading shadow of his former self.
An once-proud city now fallen prey to barbarian onslaught, stripped bare, raped, torn appart, ransacked and burnt to the ground.
He knew by then that his life had been an utopical dream ! He was never master of his own! EVER! His path in life had been chaotic and anarchical, as if he had been the tortured puppet of Fate, a senile puppeteer driven insane! And he knew that his strings would soon be sewed, and he would be free at last. "At what cost" was the question he tried oh so hard to ignore.
Buried deep within, his memories of experiences past were a powerful, bittersweet afrodisiac!
And an hallucinogenic, alienating one at that.
He sought refuge on those yesteryear chimerical thoughts. He desired with such a passion to forever dwell on those memories! If only he could just block himself to the outside world, and embrace some sort of autistical bliss...
Alas, time was running short and time called for desperate measures. It was not a time of cowards, and he would not be one, so helped him God or whatever external power subdues this material world to his sadistic whims.
Night was a two-faced ungrateful lover, a cold-hearted bitch! He loved the dusk, but at the same time knew not what to think about the nigh...for he was terrified of sleeping, as he knew metaphors and fables would come his way to haunt and plague his brain...and they would be like mermaids choirs, lusting to witness the shipwreck of his soul against foreigner shores.
At the same time, he felt unsure about staying awake, hearing unfamiliar sounds, being left to rot alone in the dark.
Daylight would break soon enough...he then would have to join in the rank of the living.
Best to do it so in an awakened mood. He tried to forsake all those existencialistical inner voices!
He just layed there, all alone in his bed.
He knew that all that poison in his soul would make sleep a disturbing journey. Even so, if he could only lay there, eyes wide shut, he would feel better when the cold, uncaring, unloving sun came to tear appart Diana´s black satin veil!
He pondered that this would doubtlessly be his dying bed, but not tonight! No, not now, with all those dreams accounted for, but unacomplished!
He became letargical, stuck in-between both dream and reality. His brain delighted and feasted in horrible images and sounds that he did not know whether to label as conscient thoughts or as nightmares.
The hours passed on, slowly but surely
He opened the door to the blinding star high above and all about him.
The next hours would present him with new, different challenges and dilemas!
He tried to lock it all inside, drawn it all beneath!
His spirit WOULD NOT break today. He fought all night his inner turmoil! But he won, once again.
Once again, the beast was left caged.
For the time being....


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"Let's go to the Discosound Night of the Living-Dead!

Starring: The Village People of the Damned...

Monster, Monster Man...
I gotta be a a Monster Man..."

Polly - The You-Know-What

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